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SAP Advantage

In-demand career opportunities that are growing every year

SAP is the market leader, worldwide, in the $82 billion ERP space. Close to 345,000 companies across the world, including many of the world’s largest companies, use SAP to run their businesses. And all the large IT majors are deeply involved in providing SAP consultancy, development and deployment services. All of them need certified SAP professionals in increasing number as the ERP business matures and becomes more pervasive. The career opportunities offered by getting yourself SAP certified, thus, are innumerable and continuing to grow.

sap partner
  • Companies are rapidly adopting ERP software to run their businesses
  • The worldwide ERP market is $82 billion
  • 70% of the Forbes 500 companies run on SAP ERP.
  • The critical importance of SAP certification and training at an Authorized Training Center

True, there are several unauthorized training centers, where you can learn SAP skills but you will be taking the following risks:

No official SAP certification – to get SAP certified, you have to pass through the testing process, which is conducted by SAP and open only to those who have trained in an Authorized Training Center. And no SAP certification means no jobs as the better companies prefer to hire certified professionals.
Poor training quality – the training you will get in these centers is unlikely to meet the required standards as they lack the resources to invest in quality infrastructure and personnel. Worse, their material is also likely to be dated. At e-Drishyaa, since we are an authorized training partner, you will get the course content directly from SAP which means it is always up to date.

  • A SAP Certification is an authentic validation of your proficiency and skills.
  • Global certification with opportunities worldwide
  • Adds power to your resume
  • A long term investment which assures high returns
  • One of the most highly paid jobs in the IT sector