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sap course

About Instructor

  • Project Structures
  • Creating Project Structures
  • Functions and Types of Scheduling
  • Scheduling Dates for WBS Elements
  • Performing Scheduling of Network and Activities
  • Customizing in Time Scheduling
  • Scheduling Activities
  • Scheduling Constraints and Dependencies in Networks
  • Setting Actual Dates for WBS Elements and Activities
  • Project Capacities
  • Processing Internal Activities
  • Analyzing Internal Activities and Capacity Requirements
  • Generating Capacity Requirements
  • Executing Capacity Analyses for Projects and Work Centers
  • Performing Capacity Leveling
  • Performing Capacity Leveling with MRS
  • Processing Confirmations and Triggering a Workflow for Variances
  • Confirming Network Activities using the Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS)
  • External Activities
  • Executing Services for Externally-Processed Activities
  • Using Workflows in the Project System
  • Integrating Service Activities
  • Project Materials
  • Assigning Material Components to Network Manually
  • Assigning Material Components to Activities Automatically
  • Maintaining the Field Selection for Material Components
  • Searching for Materials using Enhanced Features and Functions
  • Processing Material Procurement
  • Creating a Third-Party Requisition for Non-Stock Items
  • Executing an In-House Production Process
  • Processing Preliminary Requirements in Projects
  • Grouping Material Requirements
  • Using Material Assemblies
  • Performing a Material Availability Check
  • Generating Deliveries for the Shipping of Assemblies
  • Progress Tracking
  • Monitoring Deadlines using Progress Tracking
  • Project Analysis and Procurement Processes with ProMan
  • Monitoring Logistical Data and Procurement Processes using ProMan