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PLM-310 Maintenance and Service Processing Preventative

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About Instructor

Maintenance Planning with Performance-Based Strategy

  • Creating and Maintaining a Counter for a Technical Object
  • Creating a Performance-Based Maintenance Plan
  • Scheduling a Performance-Based Maintenance Plan
  • Describing Customer Exits

Management of Task Lists

  • Managing Task Lists
  • Creating Task Lists
  • Creating an Order with a Task List
  • Configuring Task Lists
  • Customizing Task Lists

Maintenance Planning with Time-Based Strategy

  • Describing the Structure and Functions of a Maintenance Strategy
  • Assigning a Maintenance Strategy to a Task List
  • Developing a Time-Based Strategy Plan
  • Scheduling a Time-Based Strategy Plan

Single Cycle Maintenance Planning

  • Describing Maintenance Plans
  • Creating a Maintenance Plan with the Order Call Object
  • Scheduling a Single Cycle Plan
  • Creating and Scheduling a Maintenance Plan with the Notification Call Object
  • Creating and Scheduling a Maintenance Plan with the Service Entry Sheet Call Object
  • Customizing Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Planning with Cycles of Different Dimensions

  • Creating a Multiple Counter Plan
  • Scheduling a Multiple Counter Plan

Supplementary Processes for Preventive Maintenance and Service

  • Creating a Maintenance Plan on the Basis of a Maintenance Contract
  • Describing the Connection to a Process Control System
  • Creating the Relevant Customizing Settings for Test Equipment Management